Sphere College Project

A New World of Learning

Sphere College Project is a new and unique community-based educational system founded to help adult students and teachers achieve a friendly and effective learning environment. We welcome adults of any age, and particularly the growing numbers of non-traditional students.

Sphere offers two key services – mentorship and teaching – to support personal and professional enhancement. Through mentorship, we provide guidance about life-path, support through the design and carrying out of customized interdisciplinary curricula, and competency assessment through our certificate program. We offer intriguing and inspiring courses on a variety of relevant and important topics – ones that may not be offered at traditional educational institutions.

What else makes Sphere College Project unique?

There is no grading at Sphere, there is also no fixed time for completion – students can finish in three months, or three years, or longer, depending on their goals and needs. Rather than maintaining our own buildings, we are using available community space. This supports other businesses and organizations in the community and keeps our overhead costs low, which allows us to direct more of the money we raise to human resources.

We also believe that learning should be an enjoyable rather than stressful experience. Central to this is cost effectiveness. So Sphere is available to all adults, regardless of means. All of our courses and mentoring services are offered on a “pay an amount that inspires you” basis. We ask those who can pay more to consider doing so to support students who cannot pay as much. We also ask our teachers and mentors to price their services so that more people from our community can participate in receiving the benefits of a caring, supportive learning environment.

Hear more about our difference from Sphere students in this video:


How you can help…

Our vision is a world of thriving, conscious, caring individuals contributing to the flourishing of the planet and all its inhabitants through innovative education. We can do this together. If you feel inspired, we would love to hear from you.

There are many ways to participate!

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