Sphere College Project

A New World of Learning

Everybody has something they want to learn in life; what if you had someone to help you? Welcome to Sphere College Project, where you can find a mentor, and gain the community support that you need to move to the next level in your life!

Sphere College Project provides one-on-one mentorship and mentorship-based education programs to adults who desire support in developing their skills and talents, and in clarifying and accomplishing their goals. We were founded to help adult learners and mentors achieve a friendly and effective learning environment, and to unite community resources in the creation of a thriving, educated adult population. We welcome adults of any age and means.

Sphere College Project provides three primary services – mentorship, essential skills development, and customized educational programs. In January of 2017, Sphere started a minority contractor mentorship program to support African-American contractors. Read more here about how we are mobilizing economic growth in underserved communities, or watch our video below:

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We believe that every adult has unique talents, and the ability to thrive, with the proper support. At Sphere College Project, we help adults thrive in three specific ways:

1. we help them discover their talents, interests and passions, and define clear goals;

2. we design customized learning programs for each of our participants; and,

3. we provide continuous support and encouragement until a participant’s goal is reached.

With mentorship, participants learn more quickly, build greater confidence and self-esteem, and improve competency in a safe and supportive environment. People who utilize mentors are shown to have greater success in life and in the workplace. Would you like to work with a mentor? Please contact us at info@spherecollege.org for more information.

What else makes Sphere College Project unique?

We don’t grade; instead we provide feedback that ensures learning but that also supports a participant to feel good about their experience. There is also no fixed time for completion – goals can be accomplished in three months, in three years, or longer, depending on a person’s objectives and needs.

Because of the growing number of adults who cannot afford education, we also work to keep our expenses low: Rather than maintaining our own buildings, we utilize available community space. This supports other businesses and organizations in the community and allows us to direct more of the money we raise to our most important resources – people. We also prioritize collaboration with professionals and organizations in the community to avoid duplication of services and maximize community participation.

The thing that makes us most unique, however, is our unconditional acceptance of this one fact: We are all students of something. Leveling the playing field this way, allows us to provide the nurturing and caring learning environment that is our hallmark.

Hear more about our difference from Sphere students in this video:

How you can help…

Our vision is a world of thriving, conscious, caring individuals contributing to the flourishing of the planet and all its inhabitants through innovative education. We can do this together. If you feel inspired, we would love to hear from you.

There are many ways to participate!

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