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This site gets about 15 hits/day. It got up to 159 hits one day. I’m just curious: who the heck is visiting? And why? Are you interested in helping the college expand? Do you have any good recipes to share? Jokes? (Insert your own question here that pushes the envelope just a tiny bit too far. That’ll be different for different people.)


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Things seem to be moving along nicely with the College. On October 10 I spoke at the Black Mountain College Conference about the influence BMC has had on the formation of Sphere College, and the current status of the College. At the conference I met many wonderful people, including the keynote speaker, Dorothea Rockburne, who delighted me by offering to come speak at Sphere College. The College needs an events coordinator who can truly make such an event successful and worthy of her time. Last weekend I participated in the Concord Convocation 2009. Everything I experienced confirmed that Sphere College is on the right course. Meanwhile, classes are continuing, and we are learning from our experience and using this to help shape the College.

Now it’s time for folks to join together to really make Sphere College a viable entity. So I’ve created a donation page. Please go there, read it, make a donation and pass the link along.

OBTW, the eBay auction closed, raising $51. Clearly I enjoy a challenge, so I look forward to the challenge of putting $51 to work in creative ways, as we will do with any amount we raise. Stay tuned!

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First Outing

At the suggestion of one of the students (again, Priscilla Waggoner, whose idea it was to sponsor a film at the Colonial Theatre), the College had its first field trip! We went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Sunday, Oct 4 to see the Duchamp exhibit. We really had a fantastic day. Five of us—Peggy (who organized the outing and also drove), Virginia, Jonathan, Jesse and I—went together in two cars. Jonathan stayed only a short time because he was attending another event in Philly that day to further his education. Priscilla went separately, taking the train and going to more in Philly than just the Museum of Art. Unfortunately, we didn’t run into her. As the College grows, I look forward to having more people go on more trips together.