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Potential Courses

Ok, so in the style of the movie “Accepted” (which I highly recommend, by the way), I went to the students and asked them to brainstorm about a set of course topics they would like to see. Here’s what they came up with:

Cause and Effects
Non-Obvious Connections
Achieving Leadership
Fun and Games
Fundamentals of Taking Care of Yourself
Societal Structures
Types of Communication
Levels of Communication
Human/Animal and Human/Pet Communcation
Modes of Communication
Life and Death
Conquering Fears
The Nature of Reality
The Art of Conversation
Examining Motivations
Utopian Societies
Theory U
World Economy
History of Sexuality and Social Mores
Modules on a Foreign Language
Human and Animal
Environmental Solutions
New Media
Basic Technology
Political Puppetmaking
Examining Civil Disobedience
Transcendent Creativity
Phoenixville Architecture
Planned Communities
The Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing
Farming and Agriculture
Experiencing Music

Sounds interesting, don’t you think? I REALLY look forward to being able to sink our teeth into some of these topics.

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Self and Other Continues

Just a quick note to say that we continue to have excellent classes, but the two classes last Thursday were particularly good. In the afternoon class we discussed Dadaism and Surrealism, a followup to our trip to the Duchamps exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We ended the class with a discussion of the purpose and effectiveness of ‘shock’ in art. The evening class had its first guest artist, Peter Bruckner, who did a beautiful reading of his (very appropriate for the occasion!) short story, “The Cards of Fra Giovanni”. What a wonderful evening! We were also delighted to have several guests attend the class.

So although getting the College to a point where it ‘has its own legs’ is proving to be a quite a challenge, the classes continue to be quite rewarding.