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It is with a great sense of accomplishment—and no small relief—that I announce a major shift in the Sphere College Project. I am stepping out of the role of President and into the role of Principal Mentor and Chief Education Strategist. Virginia Stewart, a student in the Project for nearly three years, has agreed to assume the role of Interim President. This will allow me to focus on the activities that I need to focus on, and will place into the role of President someone whose skills are a much better fit for the job.

Since this is such a departure from the way institutions are typically run, it may be difficult for some people to understand how a student can also act in the position of President. But this change accomplishes two things: (1) Having been a student, Virginia has a better understanding of what we are doing than almost anyone, and she can speak eloquently and convincingly about her experience; and (2) it demonstrates an important aspect of our philosophy in which members of the administration truly see themselves as students as well. Are there any institutions in which the President is taking courses in areas that truly challenge them and that are far outside their primary area of expertise, and where administrators typically work at learning as hard as the students do? Perhaps there are, but I’m not aware of them. (I would be very interested to learn about them, though.)

So there are some important transitions happening here, and they represent a significant forward shift in our strategy for expanding our operations.

I am delighted that Virginia has agreed to take on this position, at least until we find a permanent replacement. I look forward to supporting her as she carries us to the next phase in the evolution of this project.

A Very Proud Mentor,
Richard Liston

Oh, and please take a moment to view Virginia’s Kickstarter project that she has worked so hard to create, and pledge some amount no matter how small to help her reach her goal: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1079452190/ginnys-views-from-within

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Virginia’s Kickstarter Project

We’re proud to announce a Kickstarter project by our very own Virginia Stewart. Don’t know what Kickstarter is? Here’s a quick primer…

Kickstarter.com is a site where creative artistic-related projects like film, music, sculpture, etc can get funding from people who visit the site and pledge money to support the project. The creator of the project describes the project and chooses a target amount and an amount of time. If the project reaches its goal by the deadline selected, the creator gets the money. If it doesn’t, the credit cards do not get charged. People who pledge receive rewards for pledging at different amounts.

Now this may sound simple, and in theory it is. But it actually takes a good deal of work to get a project up and running. Virginia has been working on her project for quite some time—defining the project, writing the description, selecting the rewards, making the video describing the project, and on and on. I could describe her project, but instead, why not just click here, watch her video, find out more about the project, and pledge some amount of money to support this project and Virginia’s future endeavors? And help her spread the word by posting the link to her project on other sites!