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Could you use guidance, encouragement, or support in some aspect of your life, be it relationship, communications, vocation or career, in school, or just general support? Mentorship can help.

Mentorship is the process whereby someone with greater experience or proficiency in a particular subject or in the learning process, guides and supports a person with less experience to gain the clarity, understanding, and know-how that they need to reach a goal. Studies consistently demonstrate more effective results with mentorship.

The role of a Sphere mentor is to get to know you, to ask questions, and to offer guidance for possible “next steps” toward a chosen field of interest or endeavor. Our mentors typically have a broad range of life and professional experience; they also tend to have expertise in one or two areas. Either way, they can help by providing encouragement along the way, by being a “sounding board” for your plans as well as for any concerns or fears that may arise, and by helping you discover new pathways of learning. They can also provide concrete suggestions for research, inquiry, or actions that facilitate clarity, intention, and action.

There are many other benefits of mentorship. Mentorship facilitates:

  • learning and comprehension of particular topics and subject matters
  • navigation of the learning experience
  • less stressful, more in-depth learning
  • an improved likelihood of achieving goals
  • increased awareness
  • the development of appropriate and helpful support networks
  • a boost in self-esteem and confidence
  • collaboration skills
  • growth in and enhancement of problem-solving skills

Who Is Eligible for a Sphere Mentor?

Sphere College Project offers mentorship services to adults 18+ of all ages and walks of life in the support of both personal and professional enhancement, and who desire consistent support toward accomplishing a particular goal in life. The goal can be specific or general, as with people who want to better understand what to dedicate more time and energy to at a particular time in life. Consider mentorship if you are:

  • currently enrolled in college or other learning programs and want support and assistance in accomplishing academic, career, or social goals;
  • contemplating a life transition, such as a new career or vocation, a relationship or geographic change; or,
  • uncertain about what you wish to do next in life, and looking for some guidance in discovering your next steps.

Sphere is currently offering mentorship to construction contractors in the African-American community who wish to become DBE/DOT-certified, and who desire assistance in growing their business to become active living-wage employers in Asheville. Please read more about this program here.

What Does Sphere Mentorship Cost?

Mentorship is generally $60-$90/hour. However, as with all of Sphere’s programs, we will make mentorship available to everyone regardless of means. We would be delighted to support you in the fulfillment of your goals. Please contact us at info@spherecollege.org for more information.

Thank you for considering Sphere.