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We have exciting developing news to share. The Sphere College Project is working to open a location in downtown Phoenixville at 12 S. Main Street! In the front portion we will offer local dry goods like soaps, maple syrup products, pet foods, teas, spices, sauces, etc, and will have classroom/workshop space toward the back. This is a very new project, and is evolving each day. Here are some of the policies in its current form:

Vendors will rent shelf space to sell their products. Products must have a shelf life of at least one month. We can provide a one-month trial period during which shelf space will be provided free of cost, and we will share the profits equally with the vendor, at the end of which the vendor can decide whether to rent the space longer term. Vendors are responsible for stocking their shelf. We will maintain regular hours during times when people tend to be shopping in Phoenixville. We will provide a local delivery service within a 3 mile radius of the store. Customers can construct gift baskets filled with items from the store. Shelf space will be rented out to the vendors on a quarterly basis, with rent due two weeks in advance. The store will be managed by an employed manager who will oversee the financial aspects and be the vendor contact for the store. Students may act as cashiers and delivery people, and perform other tasks as part of their co-op work experience.

Shelf space will be apportioned to standard vendors (non-trial-basis) on a seniority basis, with first-paid, first-served.

Additional policies are still under development. We will be distributing and collecting surveys that will allow vendors to express interest and indicate preferences about other policies. If you’re local to the greater Phoenixville area and interested in being a vendor, the survey can be found at this link. You may print it out and drop it off or send it to: Local Sphere, 12 S. Main Street, Phoenixville, PA 19460



Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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