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Raising sufficient funds to support this project in its growth phase in the current economic climate has so far proven to be daunting. The business and philanthropic community still appears to be more risk-averse than ever. I personally find this surprising since it’s the traditional economic approach that has created our current economic condition, and it’s hard for me to imagine an educational system for adults that truly works would do anything other than aid in healing the economy. But that’s the way it is: economic fears have gripped our nation, and people are waiting for some economic magic to happen.

We refuse, however, to be deterred. A free education for adults who do not fit the current model of higher education makes too much sense to me. So we’re taking recent advice that sounds like a reasonable step and are beginning to approach institutions of higher education with the proposal to incorporate our program into their curriculum. Perhaps a first step would be to implement Phase I of the Sphere Program. This phase, called Self and Other, consists of a class in which students learn more about themselves and others, and how similarly and differently we experience the world. We also discuss issues facing their lives and society at large, and engage in activities in the arts, sciences and humanities. From this process it is expected that a student’s passions will emerge. They will identify what they wish to accomplish with their lives, giving them the drive to be successful in their later studies.

So if any of you who are reading this now know someone in higher education who would be interested in leveraging their grantseeking infrastructure to collaborate on innovative higher education for adults, by all means please connect us with them. We can be reached at info at spherecollege dot org.


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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