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Ok, big update here: the College has not yet become financially viable. It will, but it hasn’t yet. It seems that everyone is playing it safe. This is understandable in the current economic climate, but it makes it hard for new, innovative ideas to flourish.

In the meantime, I’ve got bills to pay and have to remain solvent, so I’ve begun looking for work in the software industry. My preference is for short-term part-time project work in C/C++ and/or moderate-term software management. If you know of anything, let me know: jrichardliston AT gmail dot com.

This doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning the College, BTW. Quite the contrary: it means that I’m doing everything I must in order to take the College to a place where it is self-sustaining. Although I’m not thrilled about shifting my energy away from the College, perhaps I’ll make enough income to hire someone to handle some of the tasks that we need done.

Another change is that the students and Steering Committee have opted to move to a “quarter system” for the Self and Other classes. 12 week sessions of 10 classes with a little break in between so we can prepare for the next quarter. Also, Michael Reddy is taking a leave of absence until we can find the funding to support his participation. These changes will take place at the end of July. Now I’m off to write up an information sheet for the students explaining the details of the transition.


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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