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Am I going to far when I claim that Sphere College is the next big thing in education? I try to think of how it wouldn’t be, but I keep returning to the belief that providing people with an environment that truly works for them to learn, bringing people of different walks of life together to share their experiences and learn to communicate more effectively, discovering their passion for knowledge and acquiring the skills to achieve their life goals in a way that is fun for them seems to be precisely what we need right now. And there’s an excellent model for doing this for free: the Curtis Institute of Music is one of the finest music schools in the world, and it’s free. Imagine how the world will change when we raise the general level of education in our society!

Support keeps coming in, though. People also want to help in any way they can. Many people have offered to teach classes on many topics—we just need to build the infrastructure to be able to handle the details of the classes. Perhaps some people think that small donations for such a large project couldn’t be helpful. The opposite is true! Many small donations demonstrate wide-ranging support, and add up to large amounts, so please do take a moment to send in a small donation. And we wish a hearty thank you all those who have already donated!


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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