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Another short, sweet post, but probably one of the most important…

I’m sitting here in Steel City Coffeehouse writing thank you notes to the people who have contributed funds to support the College. It’s long overdue—frankly, I must admit that I felt as though there were more important things to do. I now realize how wrong I was. And much like solving a very, very difficult problem in mathematics, it’s always obvious once you know the answer!

I must say that the feeling I’m getting from writing these notes is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It’s almost overpowering when it’s done from a really genuine place. In fact, as I write I realize that I’ve actually been avoiding writing these notes because I was afraid of the unfamiliar feelings I would get from truly saying “Thank You” to the people who are supporting the achievement of dreams—not just mine, but those of the faculty and students of Sphere College. Let me just say to you that it feels very good to say “Thank You”, and I highly recommend it. And it’s not just for financial contributions. It’s for any form of support, including reading this blog. So…

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a habit of this. Ta ta for now. It’s time for me to get back to writing!


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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