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Note the new header image. Thank you Jonathan Stewart, student of Sphere College and graphic artist, for providing the artwork! Jonathan has also donated a great deal of his time and expertise developing the brochure for the college.

Please join us for a special evening fundraiser for Sphere College on Friday May 7th from 8pm to 12am on the third floor of Molly Maguire’s in Phoenixville. More details, including dress code, are available in the recent blog post, “Black and White Affair”. The event is free and open to the public. Remember to stop by the ATM beforehand so you’ll be able to purchase lots of raffle tickets!

Strategies for funding Sphere College are becoming clearer each day. The contributions that continue to come in help us to purchase supplies, defray costs of incidental expenses like membership of the College to the Phoenixville Area Time Bank, printing of brochures, the creation of a very nice sign we can use at various events, and so on. We are deeply appreciative of your ongoing support.

However, we are spending faster than we are bringing in the funds. We have great need to secure funding for a permanent space, and to hire several people who can form a solid core of the infrastructure of the College. I’m confident that there are high net worth individuals who are deeply passionate about doing good work in their community and who can bring these goals to fruition. I am certain that once they learn about what we’ve been doing and what the future vision of the college is, they will be compelled to provide substantial financial support. I just haven’t met these people yet.

This is where I need your help. There are people out there reading this blog (it’s now getting roughly 80 hits per day compared to 12 hits per day a year ago) who either personally know such an individual, or who know someone who does. I ask you to put me in contact (info (at) spherecollege.org) with one of these individuals in any way you choose. You can introduce me to them directly, or provide me with their contact info and let them know I will be contacting them. I will then sit down with them to discuss what the college is about.

Once all their questions are answered they will clearly see how beneficial it will be for our society for a significantly higher percentage of members of our community to be engaged in educating themselves about the things they are passionate about. It is inevitable that when people follow their passions that they will acquire knowledge that will help them create a more responsive and effective government. Waiting for people who are unable to find a job to resort to means of sustaining themselves that are unhealthy for them is also unhealthy for society. We will end up incarcerating them and paying through the nose for the justice and “correction” system. Instead, we should first provide them with an environment in which they can learn the skills that will allow them to contribute to society, and we should do so in a way that works with their learning styles.

So please take some time to think about who you know who and put me in touch with them. In the meantime, keep your contributions coming. They not only help sustain us as we work to expand, but also demonstrate broad support for the vision of the college. And stay tuned here for developments with Sphere College.


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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