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Many, many people have given me excellent suggestions for what my next steps should be to take Sphere College to the next level, and I thank you all. IF you’re wondering why I haven’t acted on your superior suggestion yet, well, I’m working on it. Just haven’t figured out how to clone myself. Actually, that wouldn’t help because I need to bring on people who have a different skill set that I do. Working on it. Damn chicken and egg problem. Again.

Anyway, things in general are going very, very well. We have a couple of fundraisers coming up. And, oh, have you heard about our Sphere College First Anniversary Celebration? It’s Tuesday, April 20 at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville. Reception at 6pm, presentation at 7pm, screening entries to the Sphere College Short Film Contest at 7:30, feature film, Living in Oblivion at 8pm. Here’s the press release. Come on out! And empty the ATM before you come so you can buy lots of raffle tickets.

Hey, I wonder if we can fill the Theatre… wouldn’t that be SO cool? Make it a real media event. But for that we’ll need your help. Spread the word! NOW! (Don’t forget that the ticket sales help support the Colonial Theatre and they’ve been SO kind to Sphere College for a whole year now!)


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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