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Mark your calendars for the Sphere College First Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday, April 20 at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville. There will be a reception at 6pm, presentation at 7pm, we’ll screen the winners of the Sphere College Short Film Contest at 7:30, and the feature film, Living in Oblivion will be at 8pm.

The Sphere College Short Film Contest is accepting entries through April 10. Tell your film/video-making friends. Let’s see those submissions!

Nothing is static. Oh, sometimes things may seem static, but really everything is always moving, adjusting, shifting, flowing, contracting, expanding. If we are aware of the changes going on around us as they are happening then we can consciously move with them. It’s a bit like dancing. In my case, I feel like I’m dancing a dance I don’t yet know.

But I’m not the only one in this situation. Today I read a fascinating article in New York Magazine entitled “Betraying Salinger: I scored the publishing coup of the decade: his final book. And then I blew it.” I think I know a bit how the author, Roger Lathbury, felt at times. The fact that ego is the most difficult thing to transcend resonates with me. The challenge is that one must have to have a sufficiently healthy ego in the first place to make the decision to embark on a seemingly impossible journey, then figure out how to keep it in check. It’s a very fine line. But we’re all human and prone to error. The one thing we all share is that we’re all doing the best we can at every moment in time given our knowledge and experience.

So it goes with the College. As I shifted my focus of building the College to space, funding and faculty, attendance at the classes has waned a bit. There is a core group of dedicated students who come to every class. Others, I think, need the college to grow to offer more classes, have a home and generally become more substantial. So we recently made a hard decision—we consolidated the afternoon class into the evening class. On the bright side, we do have a waiting list of people interested in becoming students, and will soon be ready to start working them into college activities.

Meanwhile, we have added one imminently qualified faculty member, Michael Reddy, and we are working to solidify our agreement with another one. And we are making excellent progress towards obtaining a home for the College. I suspect there will be good news to report here in the very near future.

We also agreed that Michael will be taking on responsibility for the Thu evening class, which allows me to focus my efforts on continuing to build the college while he focuses on the quality of the class, a very sensible division of duties. To get things rolling during his transition, we are reading two articles authored by Michael: “Does Digital Dilute Materialism?”, and “Voice-only, Email, and Text–the Goodwill Squeezeplay”. Feel free to read them and post comments.

And like everyone else in the world, I’ll continue to do my best at every moment in time given my knowledge and experience.


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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