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Mark your calendars for the Sphere College First Anniversary Celebration on Tuesday, April 20 at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville. There will be a reception at 6pm, presentation at 7pm, we’ll screen the winners of the Sphere College Short Film Contest at 7:30, and the feature film, Living in Oblivion will be at 8pm.

The Sphere College Short Film Contest is accepting entries through April 10. Tell your film/video-making friends. Let’s see those submissions!

Ok, so yesterday I spoke at the Rotary Club of Phoenixville. It was an unusually light group so they’d like to reschedule me for another date so I would have a larger audience. I appreciated the offer and I’m going to take them up on it. They did, however, kindly gave me a few minutes to plug the Sphere College First Anniversary Celebration on April 20 at the Colonial Theatre and what do you know, but the crowd wanted more! So I ended up talking about the College for a bit and was asked good questions, indicating that they were deeply engaged in what we’re doing. One of the members even came up afterwards and asked to join as a student. I call that successful!

What I’m really having to learn about is how and when to ask for financial assistance. I’m learning this as I go. I made the case that the College needs financial support of the community, and these are the community leaders, but they also don’t make rash decisions. So although I made the appeal, my plan is to contact them individually and ask them for support.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching the stats for this blog recently and observing that it is getting a steady and growing readership. Just a few months ago I was happy to get around 20 hits in a day and it’s now getting roughly 80 hits per day. Some days it gets over 200 hits. A number of readers have already contributed to the College, but I must appeal to the rest of you for financial support. So here’s the appeal:

We were recently offered some space of our own to use for the College. It’s a beautiful space and the owner is willing to allow us to use it for $1/month. But there are other, real costs associated with moving in: the property manager charges a fee, and we have to do some work in it to bring it up to code and make it usable. We simply don’t have the funds right now to commit to this. HOWEVER, if each of the readers of this blog gives just $20 and encourages other people to contribute—either by asking people personally on our behalf or by using email and social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—we could actually cover these fees. So don’t sit on the sidelines and watch the College struggle along—take part in it! Be proud of the fact that you are helping this project grow!

Please take a moment right now to visit the DONATE! tab and make a contribution that is in line with how important you think it is to help people learn how to better communicate with each other, and to discover and pursue their life goals. Just look around at our society and ask yourself when this has been more important.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and we will add your name to the growing list of contributors (unless you indicate otherwise). When we do move into the new space we’d love to have you visit either in person or online when we post photos!


Author: Richard Liston

Musician, computer scientist, educator. I'm creating a new educational environment for adults.

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